• Established in 1976
  • Extensive Manufacturing, Sourcing and Operational Platforms
  • Keeco China: Over 200 Employees specializing in Manufacturing, Sourcing, Product Development, Quality Control and Design
  • Keeco Pakistan: In house Sourcing, Quality Control and Design
  • Keeco India: In house Sourcing and Product Development.
  • Product Development & Design Departments in New York, San Francisco, South Carolina and Shanghai
  • Comprehensive consumer and market data mining and analysis that identifies White Space opportunities and delivers on them.
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Solution Services for Retailers
  • Supply Chain Solutions for Manufacturers and Importers
  • Substantial E-Commerce platform


    Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, & Facilities

    1. NYC Design Studio, Showroom, Sales & Marketing Collaboration Center
    2. Bentonville: Business Planning & Execution Managers and Analysts by Category and Customer
    3. San Francisco: Company Finance and Operations Headquarters
    4. Rialto, CA & Moreno Valley, CA: 2,000,000 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Distribution
    5. North Carolina: 580,000 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Distribution
    6. Martinsville, VA: 450,000 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Distribution
    7. Commerce, CA: 165,000 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Distribution
    8. Bartlesville, OK: 150,000 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Distribution
    9. Fort Mill, SC: Utility Bedding Merchandising and Planning
    10. Louisville, KY: Utility Bedding Merchandising
    11. Mississauga Ontario: Canada Design Studio, Showroom, Sales & Marketing collaboration center
    12. Shanghai Global Sourcing Center: Sourcing, Production Management, Technical Development, QA/QC/Technical Execution, Costing Management, DI Rollout and Replenishment Logistics and Execution (Team of 120 with Strong Leadership)
    13. Qingdao Window Production: Sourcing, Production Management, QA/QC/Technical Execution
    14. Keeco Chenglong: Keeco Owned & Operated Microfiber Bedding and Sheet Factory
    15. Keeco China Factory Network: 96 Facilities in the Keeco Supply Chain
    16. Keeco India: In Country Management of 32 Facilities in the Keeco Supply Chain. Sourcing, Production Management, Technical Development, QA/QC/Technical Execution, Costing Management
    17. Keeco Pakistan: In Country Management of 14 Facilities in the Keeco Supply Chain. Sourcing, Production Management, Technical Development, QA/QC/Technical Execution, Costing Management.


    Patrick Cronin

    Chief Financial Officer

    Prior to joining Keeco as CFO, Patrick worked with Bill Tauscher at Blackhawk Network as VP, Finance & Investor Relations. In his 13 years with Blackhawk, Patrick led Financial Planning & Analysis, Customer/Product Profitability Analysis, Lendor and Investor Relations as well as providing insights, streamlining processes, improving communications and building analytical tools required to support a global growth company. Patrick manages all Keeco finance activities including Accounting & Control, Financial Planning & Analysis, Product/Customer Profitability Analysis and Tax as well as Human Resources.

    Gary Davidson

    Chief Business Officer
    GM, Utility Bedding Division

    Gary has been a partner and executive with Grassi & Associates, an industry leading and multi category Merchandising, Sourcing, Product Development, Strategy and Sales organization for 35 years and has been affiliated with Keeco for that entire timeframe. With industry leading expertise in Sales, Sales Management and Business Management, Gary manages all aspects of Keeco’s Utility Bedding business and directs all of Keeco’s Utility Bedding and multi category sales teams.

    Todd Cella

    EVP, Sales + Merchandising
    GM, Window Division

    Todd joined Keeco in 2017 as part of the Richloom acquisition. Prior to joining Keeco, Todd built and ran the Richloom Finished Products Division, focusing on Bedding and Window at major national accounts. Todd has previously held key positions with Richloom in Sourcing, Fabric Development, Sales and Global Supply Chain. Todd manages all aspects of Keeco’s Window business while acting as the head of merchandising and sales for the category.

    Brandon Yanowitz

    EVP, Sales + Merchandising
    GM, Fashion Bedding Division

    Brandon joined Keeco in 2014 after more than a decade with Divatex/Himatsingka with key roles in Sales, National Account Management, Product Development and Product Category Management. Brandon manages all aspects of Keeco’s Fashion Bedding business and directs all sales efforts in the category.



    Market Leader in Fiber Development

    • Direct, exclusive sourcing relationships that extend back through raw materials
    • Proprietary finishes for both garnetting and blown applications
    • Blend processing that creates unique recipes (e.g. high bulk, slick, memory) to meet customer needs and requirements

    Trusted Brands

    • Licensed: Serta, Fieldcrest, Nautica, Waverly, Spring Air, HUE, Brookstone, Sharper Image, Nine West
    • Company owned: Springmaid, Springs Home
    • Contract manufacturing partnerships: Serta iComfort, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, US Polo Assn. Copper Fit®


    Technology Partnerships

    • Tencel®, Microban®, Scotchgard™, Dupont®, Nanotex®, Celessence™, Elite Foam
    • Cool, wicking, stain release, phase change materials, allergen relief, antimicrobial, microencapsulation (scent), gel visco foam, copper infused foam, graphite infused foam, foam clusters

    Broad Retailer Distribution

    • Department stores
    • National chain & discount stores
    • Off prices stores
    • Mattress stores
    • Bedding specialty
    • Hospitality
    • Warehouse clubs
    • Home centers


    Market Research

    Keeco believes that amazing products are based on innovations, trends and facts. Our facts are complied by extensive market research.

    We begin by researching and identifying trends in the market, analyzing sales data and digging into our comprehensive, proprietary market data. We then cross reference trends, sales, and market data, enabling us to identify White Space opportunities. Our innovative merchandising is utilized to create industry leading forward strategic recommendations, and our best in class design helps complete the development cycle. Finally we employ a customer specific focus group to gauge consumer validation of our conclusions, our recommendations and our proposed products.


    Keeco has a dedicated merchant team that specializes in specific retailers and product categories.

    Our customers consistently consult Keeco’s merchandising recommendations to help react to the changing market place. With expert knowledge of our retailers, and equipped with extensive research of the marketplace, our innovative merchandising is utilized to create industry leading forward strategic recommendations. Keeco provides complete merchandising plans for every category we supply to our customers, which have lead to packaging changes, design reassessments and overall changes in space allocation resulting in more productivity for our customers.


    Our direct relationships with first in class suppliers create complete transparency when pricing goods, giving Keeco an advantage in competitive pricing.

    We have 40 years of experience sourcing in both the North and South of China, with over 100 employees based out of our Shanghai and Qingdao headquarters. Our broad network of factories, have core strengths in raw material, cut and sew, quality control and product inspection services.


    Keeco has invested in the growth and development of the Pakistan office. We have 15 Employees who specialize in sourcing products such as Window, Bedding and Bath.


    Keeco has invested in the growth and development of the India office. We have 8 Employees who specialize in sourcing products such as Window, Bedding and Bath.


    We begin by mapping LIFESTYLE TREND, COLOR TREND, and CATEGORY TREND. We analyze SALES DATA and we dig into our comprehensive, proprietary MARKET DATA. We identify WHITE SPACE, then we utilize our INNOVATIVE MERCHANDISING to create industry leading forward STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS. We complete the DEVELOPMENT cycle with best in class DESIGN. We then employ focus group CONSUMER VALIDATION of our conclusions, our recommendations and our proposed products. Then, we relentlessly EXECUTE our business on an everyday basis.


    Fabric & Development

    Keeco provides a specific product development and sourcing team to each customer that fully understands their unique needs and expectations. This allows our customers to have an extension of their US based product development team, with personnel based in China to source superior fabric and recreate treasures from around the world. This collaboration between the retailer, Keeco New York and Keeco Shanghai allows the very best ideas to come to life.

    Technical Design

    Keeco’s Technical Design Team is based in China and Pakistan, allowing real time response for sample development and ensuring accurate production runs. The team assists in making technical changes to designs to create the most efficient manufacturing choices. QC & Technical Design work together to ensure samples are correct and production will be exactly what the customers intended.


    Distribution & Logistics

    • Complete EDI services
    • Fully integrated ERP & WMS system
    • Keeco directly affects the efficiency and profitability of our retail and manufacturing partners as an outsourced logistics provider
    • 95% of orders processed without human intervention
    • 85% of orders ship in 2 days or less
    • 100% Inventory Accuracy
    • Direct to consumer shipment

    Quality Control

    We take quality control very seriously, employing 40 people in China, India, Pakistan, and the USA to look after every aspect, inclusive of the following:

    • QA Manager
    • Compliance Auditor
    • Compliance Auditor for BBB Homegrown Project & Certified Technical Designer
    • 6 Color Specialist & Fabric QA
    • Color Management & Mini Lab Testing (including Lightbox and Spectrophotometry and in house testing instruments) This step is conducted in NY office as well as overseas.
    • 20 Field QA


    Keeco Cares




    Keeco has corporate offices in Hayward, California and New York City. We employ team members in the fields of Sales & Merchandising, Product and Graphic Design, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology.

    Keeco offers a competitive benefits package for our full time employees including: Medical, Dental & Vision plan; 401k, Life Insurance, Paid Holidays, and Educational Assistance. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our employment practices are implemented without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religious beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, military status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local fair employment law practices.

    Transparency in Coverage

    This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze the data.

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